Thursday, May 17, 2012

First Time Driving Nude, Kinda

I went out to look at a cottage that my folks are renting for the weekend. It was a long drive, almost two hours. On the way back, it was getting dark. With a long drive ahead of me, I was tempted to strip off. Not recommended to do while driving. I removed my shirt and pulled down my shorts and had them around my ankles. It felt awesome! Too bad I was very tired. I look forward to doing that again. As far as I know, no one have seen me or noticed. They probably wouldn't be able to see that I was nude, but the window goes below my shoulders, so they would be able to see that I was topless at least. I can't wait to do that again. I won't do it during the day. Maybe if I has a car where the windows weren't as low and allowed more privacy.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 17, 2012 - Nude For 40+ Hours

The other day, my Mum was out and my Dad was working on the new shed, so I stripped off and went outstairs (top floor) to watch the progress on the shed for awhile and enjoy the sun from the window. I also cleaned up the room and made more space. There is so much stuff in there, so I piled some stuff up and put some other stuff in my sister's old room (which is mostly used for storage too). So much stuff to get rid of, but we have too much stuff.

My sister has her own apartment now (since May 2010), she just used that room to sleep when she comes over for the night.

The day before that, I had gotten a folding chair from the garage. It had a smell to it, so I washed it in the shower. I prefer to sit on the that, because it's more comfy than sitting on the edge of my bed. There is table right next to my bed with my laptop on, and usually I would just sit on my bed and use the laptop, but I get up and use the chair. So, I'm not as lazy, ha ha.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day nude except for an hour or two, I was up, had supper and stuff.

Today, I got up at 14:00, had a shower, still have not gotten dressed today. I love it. I had an upset stomach since 3:30 this morning. Right now, I'm just relaxing.

Friday, April 13, 2012

April 11, 2012 - Outdoor Nude Fire

This morning, I cleaned my room. In the past 24 hours, I only worn clothes for a alf hour and that was a couple hours ago.

I got rid of a lot of stuff, plus there was already stuff piling up. I went outside a couple hours ago, looked at my neighbours, just seen the outdoors light on, so I burnt some stuff. I actually stayed near the fire this time, instead of rushing back in the house as soon as it was lit. About a half hour ago, I noticed more lights on next door, but I don't think anyone is outside. I'm indoors now, because it is cold out. 2*C. Would have been a lot better if it was warmer. I still have a fear of being scene and having the police called on me due to be natural. It's hard to escape that unless you live somewhere totally private, which hopefully be this summer for me.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

What Would The World Be Like Today, If Clothes Weren't Required?

I don't mean, if everyone became a naturist today, I mean if our ancestors where naturists, and if people only worn clothes when they had to. If people didn't misread the Bible thinking that God intended for us to wear clothes 24/7. What would the world be like today?

The world we know now (bullying, discrimination, unequal rights, etc), would not exist. How would that change the world we live in today? Would that change how far we came with technology, invention etc? I'm sure it will, at least a little bit.

The world would be more peaceful. The reason why, is because when we shed our clothing, we shed the boundaries that we have in communication, judgement etc. Everyone would be seen as equal. Women would have the same rights as men and vice-versa. Everyone would be treated equally. That includes people from different race, gender, orientation, religion etc. We wouldn't judge people on their looks, or the size of their body, or the colour of their skin. The magazines you pass at the cash centre with talk about gossip, sex and lustful girls, wouldn't exist. So I think it would change the world almost entirely.

Since everyone we be treated equally, we wouldn't have bullying, discrimination, war etc. The Hunger Games wouldn't exist, which I like. The world would be peaceful. As far as how far we come along in inventions and stuff. It's hard to tell if we would be further, or behind. I'm guessing we wouldn't have came as far, because their wouldn't be so much demand on technology, but I could be wrong.

This day and age, we become so depended on phones, computers etc. People wouldn't leave their house without a cell phone. Naturism seems to be more happy with nature, and not as demanding on technology. I think every Naturist I know, prefers the outdoors better, then be sitting at home on the computer. Naturist are more caring about the environment and atmosphere. So we wouldn't have this problem with Global Warming.

We probably would still have computers, phones, and maybe even cell phones, but we wouldn't be so depended on it. Most naturist hardly use the Internet, as much as textiles do. Most Naturist don't use the Internet as much as textiles do. I do, because it's how a grew up, and I have an interest in computers and stuff. I would rather be outside, hiking, relaxing in the sun nude if I could. Unfortunately, where I leave, it's pretty limited to how much I can do that. At least until I move. It would be nice if that was actually a reality. It still can, but it would take quite awhile to convert everyone.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why I Don't Agree With Clothing Optional Places

Clothing optional, is not strictly for naturists, but people are allowed to be clothed too. This represents a problem, because it makes it easy for voyeurs to go, just to look at the nudity. It is suppose to make textiles who converting to Naturism, more comfortable. Seeing how everyone isn't nude, they don't feel forced into Naturism, it should make that easier for people to be more comfortable, right?

Seeing people in a naturist area clothed, only prolongs the problem, and they are less likely to undress. Seeing people clothed, makes them feel a bit ashamed by how they look, especially if they already have body issues.

I personally would not to be in a clothing optional place, only a naturist place. I would feel awkward being around clothes people and would feel under dressed around them. Seeing everyone nude, would be more encouraging, because they aren't hiding behind clothing, so it says that there is nothing to to hide. Everyone is just like you.

Most naturists places do not force you to be nude, they let you wear clothes for a little while, until you get used to the atmosphere. Most people fear they they have to strip off as soon as you arrive, this isn't true. After 5, or 10 minutes at most. People see that everyone is  the same as you, except nude, and they don't care what other people look like, so you decide to be nude on your own.  You also feel overdressed around those who are nude.

I still have not been to a nude resort or anything, but hoping to this summer. I am only interested in going to a Naturist resort/beach etc, and that is what I would recommend anyone who is trying out social Naturism

Friday, March 30, 2012

Why Do People Wear Clothes?

There are quite a few reasons for people wearing clothes in this day and age (Even though, one of them are really logical, except for body protection from cold and other elements. SO I will start off of how it original began.

I believe it started with religion (which makes more sense), even though the Bible does NOT condemn nudity. There is a part where it says that Adam and Eve ate an apple which caused them to BECOME ashamed of themselves, and THEN they hid their bodied with fig leaves due to shame. When God found them, he wondered why they were cencoring themselves. He found out they had eaten a cursed apple after God had told them not to. Since they had done so, God had kicked them out of the Kingdom. Before doing so, he had CREATED clothes for them, so they will have something to protect themselves from the dangers outside of the Kingdom (such as thorns and stuff), and possibly because they are ashamed of themselves. They were always nude before.

This is the part that confused people. The part where it says that God had clothes Adam and Eve, people assumed that he clothed theme because nudity was a sin, and that we are supposed to wear clothes. People had misread the Bible (which happens quite a bit). There has been many other things that have been misread. Wholesome nudity is the way to be, because it is natural. Wearing clothes when not required creates shame, and over the years, people have worn clothes, for many many years. Since they are used to their bodies being covered, they are ashamed of what they look like. God created people in His image. It's hard to believe that His image would be obscene or inappropriate. Satan (the Devil) greatest accomplishment would be for people to see God's greatest creation to be sin as sinful. That last sentence was a quite from some where's, but I don't think I said it correctly.

I believe it also says that hiding behind clothes, creates lust and sin (which is does, because it creates a mystery and ets people curious about what others look like, and it also creates boundaries and communication, causing others to judge and discriminate against one another.

The Bible also says how God (?) was nude for three years one time, and how others were nude. Also when being baptised, full nudity is required. Not even jewellery and stuff is allowed. It even says how people were asked to preach nude. So clearly, nudity is NOT a sin. It is nudity that ISN'T wholesome, that is a sin, such as how people sexualize nudity or so themselves off sexually, like exhibitionists. When I said before, how clothes creates lust and sin. This is how the textile society which we live, is pornocaited and corrupt. The textile society has a lot of judgemental and discrimination. This is why, there is a lot of hatred, bullying, pornography etc. When you watch TV, it is mostly filled with filth. When you go to the grocery store and look at the magazines. You see 3 things: Sex, Gossip and sexy body images.

In the Naturist world, this stuff doesn't exist, because we are all equal. It doesn't matter your gender, age, race, orientation, religion etc. We see each other as a human being, and who we are, not what we are, which is the way it's suppose to be.

But because of how society formed, people wear clothes, because they are ashamed of how they look. Everyone else is wearing clothes, and they are nude, so the feel over exposed and vulnerable. Since people are ashamed of how they look, this creates self esteem issues. People who don't like feeling like they are weak, stand up and look to out do others (or at least match them). Which is why we have so much bullying and stuff in the world. Most people who bully are, are insecure and scared just like the ones who are being bullied. The only difference is, they are going and great length to hide that, because they are afraid of what other people think for them or how they will think of them, of they knew they were not like the rest or different. People see that it works, so they join force, and pick on those they see as weak. They also do that to show others how tough they (think) they are It is sickening and really sad.

Most textiles, who are nude, are nude in a sexual way, which is way people thinking nudity and sex on the same level. That is probably why there are laws against nudity in most of the world. It is hard to understand why textiles sexualize nudity. I think it's because they don't feel as insecure as they would if they are nude in a wholesome way, also because of the amount of pornographic content around, they feel that is OK, and they simply do that for fun and entertainment, (and to entertain others). Can the world completely convert to Naturism. Short answer is yes, but it's not that simple. It will take quite awhile.

Textiles usually sleep with clothes on, but there is quite a few that do sleep nude (but usually only in the summer, when it really warm and humid out). Textiles usually shower nude (which is one of the few times that they are nude, that and changing clothes).

Sunday, March 25, 2012

March 23, 2012

This was pretty good, considering that I did some goals.

I woke up early in the morning, like around 7:00, and wasn't sure if the neighbours were up or not. As I think I said before, from their back yard, they can look directly across and see my backyard. It was kinda cold, only about 5 or 6 degrees Celsius. I was tempted to burn some garbage that had been piling up by the door. It took awhile, and I almost I heard my folks coming down the stairs, so I didn't. Skip forward to late in the afternoon, after 16:00, my folks had went out for awhile, and it was really hot. I was tempted to go outside on the beck deck and relax (nude of course). After they left, I actually went outside the basement door, and got the chair that I had put out by the fire pit and brought it up. I was a lot of courage for me, especially, going on the beck deck. I brought it up to the deck from inside the house. A soon as I went outside, I put the chair down in front of door, and went back inside. I could see a clear view of my neighbours yard, but didn't see anyone and wasn't sure how well they could see me, if they did. On the other side of my property, there is a little woods area, separating my property from my neighbours, and pretty sure they can see through the trees, but not as well.

I t was really warm in the house, it actually wasn't that bad since I was nude, kinda felt good, but I really wanted to go outside. After like 18:30 (that's 6:30 PM). I actually went outside and relaxed in the chair. It felt fantastic! It was still a little breezy, so it felt refreshing. The sun was set; it was still a bit bright for me, but didn't get enough sun to get any tan. I wish I could've found the courage to do that earlier. I was outside for about 20 minutes or so, then I went back inside when the phone rang. After around 7:30. I had no problem going outside the burn the garbage by the door, it actually felt really good, being by the fire, but I didn't stay for long, I keep going back inside fearing that someone would see me and complain (or worse). I got dressed around 20:10 (8:10 PM) because I had to leave to go see the movie The Hunger Games (which actually is pretty good, better then I thought it would be).

I actually went 3 hours early and ended up waiting in line. There was a bunch of people just sitting around waiting to get good seats. It was boring for me, but like I said, the movie was good.

Last night, I went outside without any hesitation. It was a bit chilly, but felt good also. I'm glad I'm not as shameful about nudity as I was before. I just wish I could've found the courage to do that years ago.

There is a cold spell here for the next few days, so unfortunately, I won't be able to enjoy the outdoors or the sunlight for awhile. I can't wait until this summer. I'm making plans to visit Bare Oaks Naturist Park and/or Jewel Lake Wilderness Resort (which is both in Ontario). It would be awesome that my girlfriend is going (she wants to go, and is more willing and less shy then I am). She was the the one who got me into naturist, I'm very glad for that.
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