Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 17, 2012 - Nude For 40+ Hours

The other day, my Mum was out and my Dad was working on the new shed, so I stripped off and went outstairs (top floor) to watch the progress on the shed for awhile and enjoy the sun from the window. I also cleaned up the room and made more space. There is so much stuff in there, so I piled some stuff up and put some other stuff in my sister's old room (which is mostly used for storage too). So much stuff to get rid of, but we have too much stuff.

My sister has her own apartment now (since May 2010), she just used that room to sleep when she comes over for the night.

The day before that, I had gotten a folding chair from the garage. It had a smell to it, so I washed it in the shower. I prefer to sit on the that, because it's more comfy than sitting on the edge of my bed. There is table right next to my bed with my laptop on, and usually I would just sit on my bed and use the laptop, but I get up and use the chair. So, I'm not as lazy, ha ha.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day nude except for an hour or two, I was up, had supper and stuff.

Today, I got up at 14:00, had a shower, still have not gotten dressed today. I love it. I had an upset stomach since 3:30 this morning. Right now, I'm just relaxing.

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