Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why I Don't Agree With Clothing Optional Places

Clothing optional, is not strictly for naturists, but people are allowed to be clothed too. This represents a problem, because it makes it easy for voyeurs to go, just to look at the nudity. It is suppose to make textiles who converting to Naturism, more comfortable. Seeing how everyone isn't nude, they don't feel forced into Naturism, it should make that easier for people to be more comfortable, right?

Seeing people in a naturist area clothed, only prolongs the problem, and they are less likely to undress. Seeing people clothed, makes them feel a bit ashamed by how they look, especially if they already have body issues.

I personally would not to be in a clothing optional place, only a naturist place. I would feel awkward being around clothes people and would feel under dressed around them. Seeing everyone nude, would be more encouraging, because they aren't hiding behind clothing, so it says that there is nothing to to hide. Everyone is just like you.

Most naturists places do not force you to be nude, they let you wear clothes for a little while, until you get used to the atmosphere. Most people fear they they have to strip off as soon as you arrive, this isn't true. After 5, or 10 minutes at most. People see that everyone is  the same as you, except nude, and they don't care what other people look like, so you decide to be nude on your own.  You also feel overdressed around those who are nude.

I still have not been to a nude resort or anything, but hoping to this summer. I am only interested in going to a Naturist resort/beach etc, and that is what I would recommend anyone who is trying out social Naturism

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